What you’re probably asking yourself right now.


Who’s the team behind Luminoustudios?

We are a diverse group of storytellers, communicators and skilled, technical professionals. You can read more about our founders and team here.

Our crew of over 50 have a vast range of experiences – as nuanced as shooting just tabletop videos to filming Nike commercials. We put together a special crew that’s skilled in the creative scope of your video project.

What kinds of videos do you make?

We produce all sorts of short-form videos – everything from a compelling brand story piece to a direct-response explainer video. Our videos are anywhere from 6 seconds to 2 minutes. Watch our content here.

Do you edit the videos and add music?

Yes! We are a full-service company for all your video needs. We create a narrative, film it, edit it and take your input every step of the way. We are here to create your vision – animations, graphics, music, editing and everything in between.

Do you write scripts?

Yes, scripts, storyboarding and any form of creative development falls under our team’s expertise.

How long does it take to make a video?

We can work as fast (1 week) or as slow (12 weeks) as needed. It really depends on what you need, but on average, we take about 5 weeks.

Where do you work?

We have offices in New York and Los Angeles, but our clients live all around the world. With the advantages of FaceTime, Skype, Dropbox and Slack, we’re able to communicate with clients no matter where they live (as long as they have a WiFi connection, of course).

We’re able to shoot anywhere in the United States if the budget fits.

Why do clients come to you? Why are you good at what you do?

Our clients come to us for 3 reasons – our creativity, our communication and our skill.

  1. We give our clients creative and clever story concepts with a high production value.
  2. For us, communication is key, so we have systems in place so there are no surprises. We’re super professional and super organized.
  3. We balance all this with our diverse skills and experience – each crew member is an expert in their department. Whether it’s our Strategy Team or our Art Director, all roles have seasoned professionals that deliver excellent quality videos.

How much do your videos cost?

The million dollar question! Haha 😉

Pricing really depends on the scope of work and creative idea we’re trying to pull off. Videos typically start at $5K and go up to $100K – yes, that a wide range. Typically, our average cost is $15K.

How do you figure out where you fall? We start with the main question – what type of video(s) do you want to make? Is it a testimonial for a customer journey, or is it a narrative piece with 5 locations and 20 actors?

Don’t know? Just give us a call and let’s talk about it! We have ways of scaling up or down, depending on any possible resources clients can bring on (locations, extras, etc.)

Can I get a video for $1000 or less?

Not with us – but if your budget changes, keep us in mind!

How do I get a quote?

Fill out this request a quote form or give us a call at 929-277-8492 and you’ll get a quote within hours, if not minutes!

Would the price increase after we sign a deal with you?

Never! We have a very defined scope of work and you’ll know exactly what you are getting for your money upfront. And if anything has additional costs, you’ll know before you sign up.

We believe in total transparency.

If I want to do more videos, would you offer me a deal?

Yes, absolutely! The more videos, the lower the price per video.

Do you offer set prices for specific packages?

Each project is customized based on your goals. For instance, we can create a custom package with a combination of social media ads, an explainer and a photo package – if that’s what you are looking for.

Do you do funny videos?

Not really. We’re many things – fun, upbeat, clever, thoughtful, compelling – but we’re not goofballs. If you’re looking for a more slapstick, pie-in-your-face piece, then there’s plenty of companies that are awesome at comedy, so reach out to them. Or ask us for a referral 🙂

Do you do photography too?

Yes! We offer photography services for products/lifestyle, events, and headshots. We can even have a still photographer on set to capture behind-the-scenes moments of your shoot. See our sample work here.

What kind of clients do you prefer?

We like all clients, in all industries! Watch our industry showcase videos here. But we prefer clients that have good communication 😉

Do you work with outside agencies?

Yes! We have a lot of fun working with other agencies. We bring our own creativity (and organization) to the table and love collaborating with others that are at the top of their game!

How did the company get started?

We started Luminoustudios because we saw a gap in short-form content creation. Video proliferated the marketing industry, but never felt like an approachable tool for companies to leverage because of budget constraints and resource limitations.

As independent filmmakers, we had the skills to create high quality and engaging content within these limitations. Today, these skills allow us to work with efficient budgets, tight resources and quick turnarounds. Since 2015, we have produced over 150 videos in the U.S.

As female-led video production company, we offer a unique perspective to the branded content world that shines visibly through our work. Our clientele includes large brands like Google and Polaroid, to more socially-conscious brands like The Smithsonian Institute and StoryCorps.

While our offices are in New York and Southern California, we create content for clients that live all around the world.

Is that it?

Probably. But if you have questions about how this all works, please get in touch. We love email, we love getting on the phone, and we love meeting for coffee.

Did you know facts trigger

Did you know?

We’ve produced over 150 videos in the U.S.
We have a 100% success rate with our crowdfunding videos. Every campaign has surpassed its goal.
We can deliver videos fast - as quick as 7 days!
When we send you a cut, you can click directly on the video to make comments. It couldn’t be easier!
We offer video packages if you are looking to do a series of ads.
Our logo is a firefly! It’s an enigmatic creature, treasured for its magical power to glow. This is what drives us at Luminoustudios - a certain magic that sets free endless creative possibilities.
We film most of our videos on the gorgeous RED Camera with 4K resolution.
We deliver videos in all formats, vertical videos for insta stories & 1:1 for social media ads.