Things that fire us up.

We love ourselves a good story – something that inspires us, pulls at our heart strings or just makes us a bit wiser. We help you discover the possibilities of this powerful visual medium and use it to promote your brand. Tight timelines and rising costs are not obstacles to getting high-quality, creative content.  We leverage our skills, resources and team to give you the support you deserve.

We provide end-to-end video production services. When you come to us with a snippet of an idea, we flesh it out to develop it into a compelling and robust product. First step is to e-mail us! Tell us what you’re working on and what you’re looking to do. Or even easier, fill out this form. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours! After we chat, we start work in the following stages:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 1: Development

We spend about 1-2 weeks on creative and scripting. In this phase, we work through the concept and send you a rough script for notes. Then, we work with you to finalize the nuances and make sure we’ve incorporated everything we need to as it relates to your goal.

We then spend about 2 weeks on preparation. This is when we put together our awesome team, build out our schedule, book locations and deal with other pertinent matters required to be ready for the shoot. This is a completely internal process that Luminoustudios spearheads.

Stage 2: Production

This is the actual shoot day(s)!

Stage 3: Post-production

This is the editing phase that takes about of 2-3 weeks. Here we transcode and process all the footage to build a rough cut for you. You receive a cut, or a few cuts, for notes and comments. Once we’re all happy, we prepare for final delivery. Things like music, voiceover, graphics, text overlay, VFX, etc., all occur in this final stage.

Look behind-the-scenes with Luminoustudios and learn more about how video production works!

We spend time understanding the intention behind a brand so each video can be as effective and engaging as possible. We work on efficient budgets, tight resources and quick turnarounds.